Thigh Gaps: what everyone needs to understand before whining about not having one

Every girl, eating disordered or not, seems to want the sun-shinning-through-my-pretty-legs thigh gap so she can prance around in her underwear taking pictured and looking like a fairy. So people diet this way and that, doing leg lifts and taking morning jogs, driving themselves crazy because they still can’t drive a car through their legs.

I’m sorry to be the one to stick a needle in your dreams, but if you don’t already have a thigh gap, you’re probably never going to get one.

That’s just how the human body works.

Thigh gaps are caused, first and foremost, by a persons bone structure.


The width of your hips, femurs, and bone size are all factors that weigh in on the fate of your thigh gap before the meat of your body is even added. Some people have that magic combination that allows them at any given weight to be the fairy princess.

But let’s be real. This is like the math sat question asking for all the possible outcomes of mixing 3 factors. The number of outcomes with that golden combination are going to be few when compared to all the other combinations.

So while a well-rounded diet and solid exercise is, of course, encouraged, don’t aim for a thigh gap.

You’re probably never going to have one and the sooner the world comes to term with that, the better off we’ll be.


One thought on “Thigh Gaps: what everyone needs to understand before whining about not having one

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